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Due to the current Covid-19 global outbreak, we are aware more than ever of the importance of unity and collaboration within the design community and wider society. This is a challenging time for all of us; from industry leaders, creative directors, independent studios, design teams, new graduates, freelancers, partners and colleagues, and we need to work together to tackle it.

Design Sweden have together with Svensk Form and SvID, written a letter to the Ministry of Culture (Kulturdepertementet) to address the serious situation our industry is facing. We believe that decision-makers should acknowledge that the design industry, which plays a crucial role in both cultural and business sectors, is greatly threatened by the additional pressures of the current global pandemic.

Lotta Ahlvar, Chairwoman Design Sweden

Read the letter to the Ministry of Culture (2020.03.20): Uppvaktning hos Amanda Lind


Read Lotta Ahlvar’s chronicle in ADA (2020.04.07): Formgivare och designer behöver stöd. Nu, inte sen

On this page we have started gathering links to useful support, tips and inspiration for designers, design studios and self-employed creatives during the Covid-19 outbreak. Now we want to hear from you, how has the situation affected your practice?

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Tips for business owners / freelancers:

A large part of practicing designers in Sweden are freelancers or run smaller studios. If this describes you, the following financial tips will be useful:

Tax relief
Verksamt (Swedish)

Verksamt (English)

Small company loans – Almi

Permitering for a small business (furloughing employees)

For employees:

Other conditions apply to those who are employed. These can be affected if you are a member of any trade union and / or are entitled to the A-kassa. If you are unsure you will find further information here:

For information that is going to be relevant for you, check with the union you are a member with

New rules in the A-kassa

Being furloughed (permiterad)

Legal help:

As a result of Covid-19 many designers are facing new type of challenges. For those of you who have legal issues related to your profession, we have a collaboration with Gulliksson Law Firm

For legal advice:

Working remotely:

Att arbeta på distans är något som vissa av oss är vana vid och andra av oss har nya utmaningar med. Det finns många bra digitala verktyg, men ibland kan det vara svårt att hitta rätt. Här har vi samlat våra favoriter:

Workshops / workspaces
Miro – like a virtual whiteboard with sticky notes!
Mural – competitive with Miro for virtual collaboration tool
Other easy-to-use tools to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards:

Office tools:
Microsoft 365
Google G Suite

Sharing work:

Conference calls
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams

UX Design

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